Drones – Africa…. An (exploding?) story

Got to admire Rwanda.  Rwanda is the little wiry football player that leaves the big guys furtively scrambling for the ball as the little country (11 million people) dramatically kicks the ball to the net.  Rwanda made international headlines when they facilitated Zipline to test-bed their medical products delivery project.  This was done complete with the regulatory laws in place.  Kenya on the other hand was stuck in drafting the laws, but presto couple months later (got to add after Rwanda news), the law has been approved.  Tanzania has promised to do so, South Africa however did it first in 2015.  How are African countries (52 in all) so far faring with the drone technology?

South Africa: Drones to monitor South African ports, has about 400 drone pilots already registered.

Kenya has about 1000 drones that were confiscated by the revenue authority due to lack of legal framework. The military has already bought around 12 mainly for surveillance ‘not bombing’ from US. Revenue people say they will return the drones once the framework is in place.  An investor is planning to set up 100 drone schools for the needed trainings although as yet no certified drone pilot in Kenya.  Let’s also cross fingers that all the drone owners ACTUALLY get back the drones.  Watching carefully how the naturally entrepreneurial Kenyans run with drone technology. (googles drones OLX Kenya…..


.. yep… drone camera for sale @1500 usd..#gofigure)

Price Waterhouse Coopers predicts drone application is highest in infrastructure sector from pre-planning to implementation to maintenance of infrastructures.

Nigeria using drones to monitor electronic installations and petroleum installations to check vandalism.

Ghana Kwame Nkrumah university college of engineering have developed a home made drown.. Kudos to the university in leading the  university pack.

UNICEF partnered with Malawi government to launch a humanitarian drone testing center doing pretty much what Rwanda is doing (but with the nicer sounding name)..

Zimbabwe has announced use of drones for border patrols.

Some interesting infographics on drones..drone infographic.jpg

drones infographic.jpg

African market has been exploding for some time.. Rwanda just added some clearly needed dynamite..

The big Q is how will the regulatory authorities majority civil aviation track and monitor them, probably in their thousands..at one time as many as cars? phones? who knows?


Now off to watch some spectacular drone videos on Utube… #DSTVforwho?

drones cheetah.jpg